5 Tips for Taking Care of Yourself While Herding your cats

Ever try to herd cats? That is what I feel like on a daily basis trying to get done everything on my list. Even as a Personal Trainer I have to find balance to deal with things that come my way that were not on my list and take care of my own health needs. My daily routine is a mountain of chores including trying to build this website, coaching my clients, perform new client consultations, study for my new big Personal Training exam, look for new ways to build my businesses, home chores, art projects, personal reading and take care of my loving family with 3 kids. It almost seems impossible to get it all done! As a matter of fact..it nearly is.. my day almost never goes as planned. I have to prioritize my tasks and always be ready to take care of new challenges. I also must find time to take care of myself during these never ending tasks. How do I fit in eating healthy, exercise, surfing, yoga, and my own mediation? I don’t always. It is a daily struggle but I keep on plugging!

So many times I hear friends, family and clients complain of the same issues. They never have time to take care of themselves because they are too busy putting everything and everyone around them first. I understand that we have to work and we have to take care of family, even under times of severe stress. The mistake we often make is putting all these “fires” before our own well being. We think, “As soon as I finish this, I can do that”,  “I can’t do what I want, I never have time”, or the famous “” by the time I am done with everything else, I have no time or energy for myself.” We all have the same excuses…and you are right. The problem is, if we don’t make time for ourselves we will never feel complete. We need to take time out everyday to read, exercise, meditate, and have some quiet time in order to function effectively for all our other demands.

Here are some tips to help you to “herd your cats”.


1. Use a planner.  Keep a daily/weekly planner and schedule all your to do’s along with your personal time and STICK TO IT!! A plan is nothing if we don’t implement it.  After all, we never plan to fail, we only fail to plan.

2.  Combine your daily health goals. (This will be another blog topic)! Examples are working out with the family or loved ones, including family or loved ones in home health challenges, practicing yoga and mediation, or my personal favorite, Surfing! Surfing is playtime, mediation, quiet time, can be family time, and is great exercise!

3. Prioritize your “fires”. If something unplanned comes up, decide how important is it really? Does it have to be done right now? Can you deal with it later after you accomplish your original goals? So often we put others needs before our own when in reality..it can wait.

4.  Reschedule when necessary. If something comes up that must be dealt with immediately, reschedule your planned activity immediately after, for later that day or as a priority the next day. The sooner the better.

5. DON’T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT  MAKING TIME FOR YOUR HEALTH. Believe it or not, your health is the most important thing you manage in your life. Without it, you will not be able to take care of the rest of your responsibilities, physically and mentally. Make time to prepare to eat right, make time to work out, and make time to meditate.

Yoga Cat

Just remember that you are not the only one who feels like they are herding cats trying to get through your daily grind. The goal here is to still make the time to take care of your health on a daily basis and not to compare yourself with others. Just because others are not taking care of themselves, doesn’t make you any healthier for doing the same.