Liver Wake Up Call Juice!


What it says:
– 6 leaves kale
– 1 handful parsley
– 1/2 peeled lemon
– 2″ slice of ginger root (more or less to taste)
– 4 celery sticks
– 1/2 cucumber
– 2 Granny Smith apples
– 1 medium sized beet

You can pop these anti-aging ingredients into a blender with your juice:
– 1/2 cup fresh aloe gel (link to describes how to remove the gel from the leaf)
– 2 tbsp chia gel (make chia gel by mixing 1 part chia seeds with 2 parts distilled water, let sit for a minimum of 20 mins before using)

Organic is best (fresh & local as possible) with these ingredients, especially for any of the items with leaves. If you purchase a cucumber to juice that is not organic then be sure to peel it first. Cucumbers that are not organic typically will be coated with a waxy substance=yucky in your juice!

These ingredients are great for a morning juice breakfast. They are cleansing to the liver, alkalinizing, anti-oxidant and support many other organ & cellular functions. What better way to start the day right?

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of each ingredient:

KALE – SUPERFOOD ALERT!! This leafy green packs a powerful punch of beneficial attributes. Kale, a cruciferous vegetable, is high in calcium, potassium, vitamin K (highest provider of K of all), vitamin C, vitamin A and iron. These are fantastic for run recovery, detoxing, cardiovascular support as well as anti-oxidant (helping to avoid cancer and signs of aging) and anti-inflammatory. Holy kale those are a lot of benefits!

PARSLEY – Also extremely high in vitamin K, high in vitamin C and moderately high in vitamin A. What’s the deal with all this vitamin K? It is cancer preventive, utilized to carry out many bodily functions including blood clotting and is necessary for the mineralization of bones, making them stronger. In addition the volatile oils contained within parsley have been shown to be potent in preventing tumor formation. Parsley, like most other herbs, is a fantastic detoxer.

LEMON – Hello to the rock star! Both Kale and lemon have been getting a lot of well earned attention these days. This is due to their powerful healing affects. Lemon, while a citric acid by classification, is actually one of the most alkalinizing foods you can consume. We love alkalinizing foods because the body wants to be in balance. Many things we eat and are exposed to these days are acidifying to the body. This ages us faster, leads to inflammation, auto-immune diseases and generally every degenerative disease you can think of. Drinking it in the morning helps to liquify and flush out bile accumulated overnight. This is why warm lemon water is recommended as the first thing to drink when you wake up. In general, lemon helps to clear out and balance everything in the body including bacteria.

GINGER – Touted as the “world’s healthiest food”, spicy ginger adds some razzle to your dazzle. It, along with other roots like turmeric, dandelion and burdock, is a strong liver cleanser. Equally high on the list is ginger’s ability to balance out gastro-intestinal distress. Tummy ache? Ginger is your friend. It also boosts immunity, helps prevent cancer and like the rest, is anti-inflammatory.

CELERY – Oh celery, you’re so humble. Typically this vegetable is added to juices mainly as a blood-sugar stabilizing filler of sorts. But it’s more than that, it too is anti-inflammatory, alkalinizing and anti-oxidant. It also contains vitamin A and the calming mineral magnesium that many people are deficient in.

GRANNY SMITH APPLE – This variety of apple in particular is recommended because it is the lowest in sugar of all. Avoiding blood sugar spikes to keep it level throughout the day as much as possible is very important for weight loss, weight maintenance and endocrine health. Apples in general are high in flavonoids and vitamin C, powerful anti-oxidants.

BEET – The liver couldn’t ask for a better friend than the humble beet root. With beet’s ability to regulate blood flow and increase stamina it is a great energizer. Great for the morning and before or after exercise or really anytime you need a pick-me-up. The intense pigment in beet is where the antioxidant betalain resides. Betalain, which can be found in any part of the plant, is highly detoxifying, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Beets also contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, namely; vitamins A, C & K, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper and magnesium, sulfur, silica and choline. Maybe the humble beet deserves superfood status as well?

ALOE – SUPERFOOD ALERT!! The benefits of this herb are so many that I’ll have to refer you to this post on for full information. Generally speaking, this powerhouse contains a myriad of vitamins and minerals that support an anti-oxidant lifestyle to stave off the signs of aging (!!). It also contains adaptogens which help the body deal with stress. It detoxifies, is anti-inflammatory and helps heal the skin from the inside out. If that weren’t enough it also aids weight loss due to its high-fiber, blood sugar stabilizing ability and is excellent at keeping your elimination regular.

CHIA GEL – What could be better for avoiding the signs of aging than something that fortifies the cellular walls. Chia helps the cells keep out toxins and bring in beneficial nutrients. Chia is also high in fiber, Omega 3 and protein. When added to this drink, they are another component to help stabilize blood sugar and keep you regular. So, again, excellent for promoting and maintaining weight loss. A lesser known mineral, manganese, is present in these little seeds too. Manganese assists the body in assimilating other nutrients like biotin and thiamin as well as being beneficial to bone health.

There you have it! A powerful, anti-oxidant, alkalinizing, detoxing, blood-sugar stabilizing, liver cleansing super meal! Chicasurfer breakfast of champions.

☼ Namaste ☼