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ChicaSurfer Update!

Thank you for being so patient with me!!!  Chicasurfer.com has been going through so many growing pains the past 2 years! Back in November I was certain that I was moving to Costa Rica by the first of 2014. Then it was postponed to a 6 month plan..now my travel adventure got postponed until further notice.  However, I am now happy to share that not only I will be combining all my passions in this blog but that I will have some help from a very good friend of mine, Jennifer Subero.  Jennifer has a bachelors in finance, she is fluent in Spanish, as well as passionate and very knowledgeable about health, wellness and world travel. I look forward to her contributions to our blog!!
Chicasurfer has always been an outlet for my passions..an umbrella for travel, surfing, SUP, Yoga, health and wellness.. but I want to do more than share my experiences, I want to share the experiences of others too. After all, isn’t that how we learn, inspire, motivate and get entertained? So if you have any stories you would like to share in any of those categories PLEASE inbox me!!!
Hope you have an active and inspiring day!!!
Mucho <3 !!
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